Job title: Sales Manager (Office Automation)
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 3 to 6 years
Salary: Negotiable
Job published: 01 November 2021
Job reference no: 3628098298

Job Description

  • Ensure sales staff receive the necessary training on new, existing machines.
  • Regular reviewing of sales staffs' product knowledge
  • Demonstration skills
  • Setting up of product knowledge tests
  • Quote presentation skills
  • Selling skills: relevant training required
  • Interpersonal skills: utilizing leadership skills
  • Time management: plan and maintain time management program
  • Responsibility: delegating responsibilities and tasks getting the job done
  • Setting objectives and ensuring achievement of them
  • Support sales staff on appointments when necessary
  • Ensure targets are met
  • Monthly sales projections
  • Ensure admin of external sales is done correctly and timorously
  • Monthly performance analysis
  • Leave forms
  • Evaluate performance monthly
  • Checking of all outgoing paperwork e.g. quotes, correspondence, pricing
  • Check and sign off commission sheet
  • Assess weekly prospect list